Risky drinking is when you have more than the recommended daily amount.

Risky drinking can damage your health and can lead to alcohol poisoning. Risky drinking is dangerous because you are more likely to get drunk or intoxicated.

When you are drunk or intoxicated you are more likely to say things you would not normally say and do things that you would not normally do. Too much alcohol can affect your mind and make you really down or "blue". It can affect your judgement and make you aggressive. You are more likely to do things like pick fights, have unsafe sex, drive drunk and break Aboriginal and Whiteman’s laws.

When you are drunk you are more likely to be involved in family violence, accidents and sexual assault.

When you are drunk you cannot look after yourself, your family, or your children properly, and you might neglect them or put them at risk of harm.

You might drink to forget about your problems and everyday responsibilities but they will still be there the next day, and harmful drinking can make it much harder to cope.

The Aboriginal Inner Spirit Model (Ngarlu Assessment Model) was developed by Joesph 'Nipper' Roe, who belonged to the Karajarri and Yawuru people.
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